Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

Tickets are now on sale for the Pittsburgh Symphony's first sensory-friendly performance! Designed especially for individuals of all ages with autism spectrum disorders, sensory sensitivities or other disabilities, this concert will provide patrons with the opportunity to enjoy a symphony performance together with family and friends in a welcoming, inclusive and relaxed environment. Everyone is welcome to come and appreciate the music in his or her own way at this event!

More infromation: Celebrate Pittsburgh

About AFGE Local 1916

AFGE logoThe American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) is the largest federal employee union, representing 600,000 U.S. government workers nationwide and overseas. Workers in virtually all functions of government at every federal agency are represented by AFGE. AFGE has been affiliated with the AFL-CIO ever since it’s founding in 1932.

AFGE Local 1916 represents the scientists, engineers, technicians, and administrative employees at three co-located federal research laboratories:

All three laboratories are located on a 200 acre, historic research site in South Park, PA. Established in 1910, the site was formerly the U.S. Bureau of Mines Bruceton Experimental Station, dedicated to promoting mine safety in the U.S.

NETL conducts in-house and contract research covering every aspect of the environmentally sound use of fossil fuels, from extracting and transporting to final conversion to electricity, chemicals and other end-use products. OMSHR conducts research on improving the safety and health of the nation’s mineworkers. NPPTL conducts research on respirators and other personal protective technologies for workers.

The hard working employees of Local 1916 are dedicated to making America's energy sources secure and environmentally sound for future generations, and to improving the safety and health of the nation’s workers.

Contact Information

Telephone: 412-386-4530
FAX: 412-386-4170
Postal address: P.O.Box 231, South Park, PA, 15129
General Information: frances.wright@netl.doe.gov
Web site issues: RUnger@cdc.gov